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Aircare FACTS®  Training
  • Emergency Procedures Training for Corporate Aircraft Pilots and Flight Attendants
  • Executive Frequent Flyer Training
  • Corporate Flight Attendant Training
  • Crewmember Emergency Training
Since 1981, Aircare FACTS® has always been the leader in Human Factor-based Emergency Procedures Training for Pilots, Flight Engineers, Flight Attendants and Executive Frequent Flyers. Recognized for thorough, research-based training programs... Aircare FACTS® offers a variety of programs, specifically designed to meet the needs of corporate/business aviation operations, Public (government) aircraft and military special missions ops.

After thorough classroom presentations, all procedures are practiced, using our unique, proprietary training devices, including the Aircare FACTS® full-size, full motion cockpit and cabin emergency procedures simulator(s), the pool, live fire trainers, Hypoxia Awareness Trainers and the Aircare FACTS® Inverted Underwater Egress Dunker. Training in the full-size simulators provides capabilities unmatched in the industry and provide a realism not available anywhere else.

Thousands of professional crewmembers proudly wear the Aircare FACTS® wings as testimony to their professional accomplishment.

Aircare FACTS® Training meets all applicable regulations for emergency procedures training as required under CFR Parts 91, 91k, 125, 135, Public Aircraft, JAR OPS1, CARS and IS-BAO standards.

icon-aircare-solutions-group.gif Aircare International Joins USAIG Performance Vector Safety Program

New York, NY, (Sept. 10, 2014) - USAIG proudly welcomes Aircare International to its Performance Vector safety initiative. Performance Vector delivers valuable, forward-looking safety support for USAIG-insured operators of turbine aircraft. Eligible policyholders can choose annually from a range of safety enhancing programs and services delivered by the industry's leading providers. The addition of Aircare International broadens available options to include aircrew emergency procedures training and mission safety and tele-medical support services. read more.

icon-aircare-solutions-group.gif Aircare FACTS® Training Opens New Crew Member Emergency Procedures Training Center in Paris, France.

Aircare International announced today that they have established a new fixed base training center between Le Bourget and Charles de Gaulle airports in Paris. The newly opened center provides safety and emergency procedures (SEP) training for business aviation clients across Europe. Coupled with the existing Amsterdam center, Aircare FACTS Training is now available in both locations on a monthly basis. Read Press Release.

OSHA Logo Aircare Solutions Group Offers Compliance Package Addition for New OSHA Requirements at No Charge.

Aircare Solutions Group announced today that they have developed a GHS Labeling compliance addition for flight departments so that they can quickly meet the new requirements set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA). Read Press Release.
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icon-aircare-solutions-group.gif Aircare Solutions Group Celebrating New Training Facility in Long Beach with Open House Luncheon for Business Aviation Community

Olympia, WA (September 5, 2013) - Aircare Solutions Group is celebrating the opening of their new emergency procedures training facility in Long Beach, CA with a catered luncheon for the California business aviation community on September 26th, 2013. Read more.

icon-aircare-solutions-group.gif Aircare Solutions Group to Provide Critical Incident Response Plan to Business Aviation as a Public Service

Aircare Solutions Group based in Olympia, Washington announced today that they have developed a critical incident response program, and are making it available to the business aviation community at no charge. Learn More About The Aircare Critical Incident Response Plan to Business Aviation as a Public Service

The Aircare RVS™ The Aircare RVS

Aircare Access debuts new Remote Viewing Station for enhanced patient assessment while inflight or in remote locations. Learn More About The Aircare RVS™

AircarePLUS™ AircarePLUS™

Aircare announces new Safety Recognition Program for Charter Operators. Learn More About The AircarePLUS™                                     

The Aircare FireSock™ The Aircare FireSock

The Aircare FireSock™ is here. Aircraft operators can mitigate risks associated with lithium battery fires with this new safety product from Aircare Solutions Group. Learn More About The Aircare FireSock™

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Flight Safety and Everyday Risks. Jim Avila compares everyday dangers to flying in a plane. Aircare FACTS® Training featured on ABC News 4/12/11 after the collision between an A380 and a Commuter Jet on the tarmac of JFK. Watch Now!

FACTS-GMA-logo.jpg FACTS-GMA-head.jpg

Aircare FACTS® HAT™ (Hypoxia Awareness Training) was showcased on Good Morning America Monday April 4, 2011 after the Southwest Airlines decompression. Simulations performed onboard Aircare FACTS® VII Emergency Procedures Simulator based in MMU. Watch the video!

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